Breaking Faith


I chase the dragon again. The white curly smoke drifts around me. The animal in my gut leaves me for a while, and I touch peace…

Faith Emily Hansen just wants to be loved and to live without the weight of addiction. But the lure of drugs is strong. The relief that she gets from being wrapped up in the cozy little cotton ball of heroin is impossible to ignore.

Faith’s story starts in her earliest days, before drugs, before her family falls apart. Before her mother leaves. Before her sister betrays her, taking away Faith’s last connection to home. She eventually becomes consumed by the need to “chase the dragon” – the heroin addiction that seems to keep the Darkness at bay, but leads her to live on the street. The determination to find love and comfort that lures Faith to drugs is ultimately the same stubborn force that can drive her to recover.


Review: 4 stars

This story felt so real to me. Characters that had so much depth and a story that will break your heart Breaking Faith was one of those novels that makes you feel your emotions deep in the marrow of your bones. This is a story that really helps you see the progression of addiction. It is raw. It is real.

Faith was the perfect main character. She was full of both flaws and redeeming qualities. You really empathize for her as she struggled. The story was told from her perspective, but you could also see that sometimes her point of view was skewed.

It is often hard for people to understand addiction or running away. This is a title that will bring you the viewpoint of an addict and show you how messy it can all be. Show you just how a young girl can wind up an addict. In my opinion I also believe this is an accurate portrayal of what it is like to have PTSD. It is clear the author truly understands these subjects and how they can affect someone’s life.

The broken family dynamics in this novel are showcased brilliantly. It is not just Faith who is created with so many dimensions, but even more minor characters like Norma have in depth back stories. These broken people each try and fix themselves in their individual ways, but in Faith’s case in leads to self medication.

I kind of feel that the using part of Faith’s story was glossed over a bit. I know that she was only using for about 6 months, but the lengths that she went to for her addiction aren’t shown very well in my opinion. I also feel like getting clean came a little too easily for her. A more realistic portrayal would show relapse before complete success, but everyone is different.

From a mental health perspective this is a great portrayal of the mind of someone going through these types of struggles. I hope that people can read this and become more educated on PTSD and addiction. These are lifelong struggles that are hindered by stigma. I would suggest this to people who need more education about either disorder. Breaking Faith was a realistic and heartbreaking read.

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