Witch on Parole

35999942Summary: All Bryn ever wanted was to fit in, to be one of the respected professional thieves and never practice the magic that destroyed her mother. But her dreams crashed and cremated when she was captured on her first thieving mission. Incarcerated and paroled two months later, Bryn snatches at the chance of a new life.

But her corrupt parole officer won’t let her. He has every intention of using her magic to suit his own dark plans. She finds herself wedged between a rock and a jail cell. Doing what he wants will cost her freedom and her newfound family. If she tells on him—no one will believe her. He’s a respected supernatural corrections officer and she’s—just a WITCH ON PAROLE.


Review: 4 stars 

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher to read and review. All opinions are my own.

I was drawn to pick up which under all because of its title. It sounded like it could have an interesting angle on the supernatural world. I’m so glad that I didn’t pass this one up. Supernatural prison, witch apprenticeship and a shady vampire parole officer? Count me in! I was surprised to find that this is Kay Latour’s debut novel, as the world building is fantastic. I want more books in this universe! Kay Latour just stepped into my radar.

With a lot of books about witchcraft I have found that they simply say the spell and then ta-da! Magic. But I really liked how things could to wrong with potion making and witchcraft in this book, even if the right words were said and the right ingredients were used. It makes it feel more like an art, something you will only get good at with enough practice. In many books I feel as if magic comes too easy.

I really loved Bryn as a main character. She is so used to being considered scum, or rather “slodder” that it is hard for her to get used to being treated as a person of value. She truly takes advantage of her second chance, fighting against prejudices alongside those who had the compassion to take a chance on her. She is a well developed character and comes across very realistic.

The pacing and the plot of this book are both done great. I found myself trying to drag this book out because I didn’t want it to end! I am hungry for more of this story and I hope that it becomes a series. I would suggest this to anyone who enjoys fantasy.

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