Magic Unmasked

39886454  Summary: The wall between mages and the magicless is about to be broken…

Growing up in Manhattan’s secret community of mages, 17-year-old Jonathan Lockwood has always seen his family as one of the enlightened ones, regularly campaigning to integrate with the so-called “Dulls” and offer their talents to the wider world. But when a looming disaster threatens hundreds of lives, he watches his parents bow to the pressure to stay silent. Horrified, he resolves to intervene himself.

Jonathan’s mission leads him to a chance encounter with Amy, a girl who should be Dull but has a clear affinity for magic. As they struggle to tackle the impending threat, he introduces her to the world he knows is rightfully hers. The closer Jonathan and Amy become, the more he finds himself losing his heart—and his certainty about the rules he’s broken. The greater good may come at a price more painful than he ever expected to pay.

Set four decades before the Conspiracy of Magic trilogy, Magic Unmasked offers a glimpse into a critical turning point in magical history—events that set the stage for Rocío and Finn’s ordeals.


Review: 3.5 stars

This is a cute, fast-paced story. It brought up the issue of using magic to help the magic-less, or Dulls, when they were ignorant of it’s existence. Should they stand by and let people get hurt, or risk discovery? The characters in the story undertook a noble cause and attempted to help those who would be affected by an impending volcano rupture.

I found myself really enjoying the writing style. The romance was really cute and the characters were interesting. This is a nice novella, that can be read as a standalone or as a prequel to Ruthless Magic. I am interested to see how the characters from this novella appear in the next installment. The ending kind of upset me, but I really did enjoy this short story.

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