Stolen by Eden Winter– Review

34998049Summary: Jaximila is a thief—a good one. In a world ruled by mythical creatures, it’s tough for an elf to earn an honest living. She and her trusty sidekick Mikey have survived by picking pockets and conning other creatures, but when Jax gets a call from the vampire mob boss, she must go from petty thief to full-on gangster. How can an elf and a human steal the most precious and heavily guarded jewels in their world? It’s going to take a lot of luck and a little magic.

The stakes are high, and they get even higher when the vampire boss’ nephew is forced to tag along and keep an eye on them. Javier is quiet, a little bit scary, and drop-dead gorgeous. He may be tasked with keeping an eye on Jax, but she already has her eyes and her heart on him.

Javier doesn’t want to live a life of crime, and after this job, he plans to get as far away from the mafia as possible. Jax is torn between duty and passion, and if she can’t get the jewels to the vampire mafia on time, she and Mikey are history.

How can Jax choose between the dangerous life she loves and the love of a vampire she’s fallen for?

Stolen is a quirky romantic adventure that will have you laughing and on the edge of your seat for the entire ride. Sometimes, you can’t help but root for the bad guys.

Review: 4 stars

Stolen was a cute short story. It was set in an interesting world with cool characters trying to pull off some heists. I love stories about robberies, so this was right up my alley. I found myself really enjoying this quick read and wishing for more of a story. This has a nice format they could make for a good 200 page story or longer.

The characters were cool. I haven’t ever read about an elf before and I found myself liking Jax as a main character. She was outspoken and really funny. She was easy to like and it’s a shame that this was the end of her story. I thoroughly enjoyed the world that this was set in. There are many mystical species that existed, but sadly there are only a few species that weren’t important to the story. The myriad of species opened this book with a world of possibilities and directions the story could’ve gone with. I don’t feel that the story the field the potential that it opened up with in the beginning.

The pacing was a little too fast, there could’ve been a lot added to the story to make it chunkier, but also to work on more character development. The downfall of short stories is that sometimes you don’t get enough. It felt like an episode when I really wanted a movie. Overall it was really well done, but I would like to see Jax in a returning story.

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