Shadow Moon by Gaia J Kos –Review

36251870Summary: Werewolf. Coach. Lover. Spy.

After the War, Lotte gave up the turmoil of pack life to pursue a far more placid career in tennis. Or so she believed.

When a player is found dead at the compound with only days left until the Munich Games, the Interspecies Crimes and Relations Agency rolls in. Senior Agent Isa Vogt suspects foul play and enlists Lotte’s help to discover who stands behind the lethal performance-enhancing drug.

While separating friend from foe seems like an impossible task, Lotte has no choice but to return to her ruthless werewolf ways—or see another athlete die.

Will she win the hardest match of her life? Join Lotte’s team by picking up your copy of SHADOW MOON to find out

Review: 3 stars

As a novella, Shadow Moon was an interesting read. When I read novellas I always look for a few things; that it contains a full plot, and that the story doesn’t feel rushed, this story did well on both parts. At the beginning of Shadow Moon it said that this is an urban fantasy set in the same world, the Kolvrat universe,  as other novels written by Gaja J. Kos, but can be read as a standalone. I would be interested to read the other books in this world after reading this one.

As for the plot, it was pretty good. Lotte and Alec are both werewolves who were also professional tennis coaches. When one of their trainees turns up dead with what looks like performance-enhancing drugs in his system, Lotte helps a detective look for the dealer of the fatal drug. Now this sounds like a typical murder mystery plot, but add in supernatural creatures, werewolves and vampires, and the plot becomes much more interesting.

I would probably classify this as a New Adult novel, rather than a Young Adult novel because there are sex scenes. I typically don’t read too much NA, but in Shadow Moon the sex and romance isn’t a primary focus, so it didn’t bother me too much. There’s also a bit of cursing, so that bothers you then this may not be for you.

The pacing wasn’t the best. Even though this was a short read, I did find myself getting bored at times. The writing was good though and the plot and urban fantasy elements kept me interested. I would continue reading books by Gaja J Kos or continue the series. I think if this wasn’t a NA novel the plot wouldn’t lose momentum with the sex scenes thrown in, but some readers love that kind of stuff.

The rising action and climax of the story were delivered with appropriate intensity. The action and tension ramped up, keeping you excited and flipping the pages for the last third of the story. Gaja J Kos knows how to deliver an ending and I would like to read some of her other books based on my experience reading Shadow Moon.

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