Game of Secrets by Kim Foster– Review

34138306Summary: Felicity Cole sells flowers in the streets of Victorian London to feed herself and her young brother. But she has a close-guarded secret–her brother is a Tainted, born with special abilities that society fears and a shadowy organization called the Hunstsman scours the country to eliminate. When Felicity becomes the target of one of these individuals, she discovers something horrible: she’s Tainted, too.

Rescued by a mysterious gentleman on the eve of execution, she’s whisked away to a school funded by Queen Victoria, established to train selected Tainted into assassins in service of the crown.

Struggling to harness her incredible strength, speed, and agility, and despised by her classmates, all she wants is to use her new position to find a cure so she can be normal and reunited with her brother.

But with the Golden Jubilee fast approaching and the discovery that there’s a traitor in their midst, she has no choice but to embrace the one thing she’s been fighting all along.

Review: 4 stars

Game of Secrets was great. It was a book that combined some of my favorite topics to read about; spies and supernatural abilities. It was incredibly fast-paced and the plot was interesting. By the time I had reached the fourth chapter I was absolutely hooked. I tore through this action packed novel within 24 hours.

The pacing of the novel kept me turning the pages as the action rarely let up through the course of the book. I love fast paced books like this. I expected this to be a slow historical fiction book with spies, but it was so much more than that. For some reason I didn’t expect this to be that good, but quickly after picking it up I realized that I misjudged this book.

It does lack a bit on character development. Well I did like all of the characters, I didn’t feel overly attached to any of them. The relationships between them felt surface-level. Since I didn’t feel overly attached to any of the characters I didn’t find myself becoming emotionally invested in the book.

The other thing that could’ve been better was that I didn’t feel like the intensity rose in correlation with the big moments of the story. It just kind of felt level all the way through. There was a big plot twist that I totally didn’t see coming, that I think could have been done better. It could have been emotionally heart-wrenching moment, but it wasn’t.

Overall I did really enjoy reading this book. It went really fast and it was certainly a good page turner. I didn’t know that there would be characters with supernatural abilities, which is probably a big part of the reason that I didn’t have high expectations. I guess I forgot what the book was about by the time that I actually picked it up. That was a nice little surprise for me, because I love anything fantasy. This is the first novel that I’ve ever read by Kim Foster, but I would definitely come back for more of her books.

I received an advanced review copy from Netgalley and Sky Pony Press.

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