A Thrift Shop Murder by L.C. Hibbett and N.M. Howell–Review

39084604Summary: One witch with a grudge, three cats with a secret, and one vegan with a very big problem.
Priscilla “Price” Jones is down on her luck. First, her childhood sweetheart dumps her a month before their wedding so he can hook up with a model he met at one of his yogalates fitness studios. Then, her vegan smoothie store burns to the ground.

Out of work and out of love, Priscilla accepts the first job she can find, packs her bags, and takes the first bus from Portland to Salem, Oregon, to find her luck is even worse than she thought. Her new boss just died, and the old lady’s thrift store, her apartment, and three huge male cats just got added to Priscilla’s long list of problems. But when Price opens one of the old lady’s books and accidentally unleashes some witchy magic, Priscilla realizes her troubles have only begun…

A hilariously witchy reverse harem mystery.


Review: 3 stars

A Thrift Shop Murder was a humorous paranormal mystery. It was amusing and full of interesting characters. I enjoyed the small town setting and the talking cats that shifted in the human men. The gossipy old ladies really added to the small-town vibe. As far as mysteries go, this did not have any plot twists that astounded me and it wasn’t real page turner. It was more of a humorous novel than anything.

I really liked the talking cats that shifted into men. It made me wonder what my dogs would be like as people. I didn’t realize this was marketed as a reverse harem novel, I guess it is, but without the sex. I’m not really big on reading erotica, so I’m glad it didn’t go that way. The three men were all interesting and different. Their jokes definitely added to the humor of the novel.

The plot was interesting and a little weird, but didn’t always hold my interest. It took me a while to finish this book because I kept setting it down to do other things. I didn’t like the way it ended at all. I also felt like there should have been more magic, that would have made it a more interesting book in my opinion. It was just lacking something.

This was just a book that didn’t stand out to me. At times it was funny, but it didn’t hold my interest. The mystery had no twists and no part of the book really blew me away. It was okay I guess, but it’s not a book I would suggest to friends of mine.

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