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Welcome to Monsterland, the scariest place on earth.

When world markets are decimated by a crippling plague, philanthropist, and billionaire businessman, Vincent Konrad decides to place monsters in a theme park setting to promote education and tolerance. Copper Valley is chosen as the primary site for the park in the United States.

Wyatt Baldwin, a high school senior is dying to go to the opening and when he lands special passes to the park, he and his friends are expecting the experience of a lifetime.
After all, in a theme park where real zombies, werewolves, and vampires are the main attractions, what could possibly go wrong?


My Review: 5 stars

I received an Advanced Reading Copy from the author.

Werewolves, vampires and zombies, oh my! But don’t be misled, this is no Wizard of Oz. Monsterland is a far cry from the land of dreams that is Disneyland, and is much more comparable to the freak show of Ripley’s Believe it or Not filled with horrors like Jurrasic ParkMonsterland is a theme park filled with the creatures that plague your nightmares. The horror movie buff in me would absolutely love to have an all access pass to the theme park, so I was filled with delight when I was given the opportunity to read and review this novel.

With such a great concept my expectations were high as I jumped into this novel. Michael Okon does not disappoint, fulfilling my fantasies with great writing and multiple points of view. I found that aspect in particular to be great with this novel, because there are so many interesting perspectives to be seen within Monsterland.

The characters are each unique and entertaining. They have more dimension than most characters in horror movies, but not too much that the story gets bogged down with backgrounds. They make for the perfect cast to attend the disastrous opening night of Monsterland.

I found myself trying very hard to pace myself with reading this one. Honestly, my only real complaint is that it wasn’t long enough! I loved this story and would have appreciated another hundred or two hundred pages. This is exactly the type of ride I like to be taken on, and I didn’t want to get off.

Michael Okon crafts a fabulous novel with unique, unforgettable characters. I have a novella by him, A History Major, that I can’t wait to dive into. He really has a gift for storytelling.

The world building was done fabulously. There were believable backgrounds that explain how it could be possible for there to be a world that had not only vampires, but also werewolves and zombies, excuse me, the vitality-challenged. It all comes together seamlessly as the plot lines converge to make for an explosive ending. As the first novel I have read by Michael Okon, I am impressed.


Monsterland Giveaway!

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