Calling Indie Authors – Open for Reviews

Accepting Review Requests

I have not been accepting review requests since August. I started thinking about the books I’ve been reading lately and they’re the books that a lot of people are reading. Sure, I’m discovering new authors, but for the most part they’re popular authors. I’ve been worrying about getting more reviews in to Netgalley rather than finding new, underexposed authors to help promote, which was originally a reason I started the blog. I want to give more Indie authors a chance. I want to discover great books that no one else has read

Indie authors accepting review requests

What genres am I seeking?

I am catching up on my author review copies right now and I would like to announce that I will be accepting review requests again. (If you are waiting on a review from me it is coming, I promise!) I am seeking to review YA, fantasy and mysteries for the most part. I will consider other genres, but probably won’t read them. I will almost always read a paperback copy if you want to mail me one, but I also accept kindle copies. If you do send me a paperback I will take photos to share on Bookstagram, so if you want that extra exposure then maybe consider sending a paperback. (Plus you will totally make my day.)

Why indie authors?

I am looking to form long term relationships with indie authors whose work I enjoy. I have been on street teams before, but never really pursued it like I am now. I would like to move away from reading all popular titles and find some hidden gems. I want to give more Indie authors a chance. I want to discover great books that no one else has read.

So do you have a book that you’d like me to check out? Please don’t hesitate to contact me through my contact page or email at:

Let’s chat!

Do you have an indie author who you are a huge fan of? Is there an author you know who could use reviews?

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