October Blog Goals

in-bossmode-625631-unsplash.jpgA while back I learned a method for setting goals that makes them much more effective. When setting goals you should make sure they fit the SMART criteria. So what are SMART goals?

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Timely

My overall goal is to improve my blog, but that’s easier said than done. How do I hope to achieve such a BIG goal like that? Rather than take it all in one piece, I am going to break it up by making smaller SMART goals that are all relevant to my overall focus. Breaking a big goal up like this will not only help you focus on what you want to achieve and how to get there, but achieving smaller goals will help show that you are making progress.

Obviously these are goals I hope to achieve by the end of the month, making my goal timely, but for the other criteria it gets more complicated. Breaking the goal up into smaller pieces makes it more specific. If your goal is to gain more followers, ask yourself how many more? That makes your goal measurable. I am shooting for attainable goals that are also a challenge for me, and relevant to my overall focus.

Goals planning Smart

October Blog Goals

  1. Get 1860 monthly views on my blog.
  2. Get 300 total followers on my blog
  3. Get another review published in a literary magazine.
  4. Get 520 Twitter followers. (@mankaa23)
  5. Post 13 times for #Blogoween
  6. Post 9 book reviews.
  7. Take 4 Instagram photos.
  8. Post 5 times a week.
  9. Participate in 3 Twitter blog hour chats.
  10. Read and review 1 book that is an author request.


How did I do with my September Blog Goals?

  1. Post at least 3 times every week. — I did well except for the first week where I only posted twice. But I made up for it. I posted 3 times every other week. I posted a total of 32 posts all month = COMPLETED
  2. Get to 180 followers on my blog. — I got a total of 220 followers. = COMPLETED
  3. Exceed 650 monthly views. — I nearly doubled my goal with my total monthly views coming to 1238 = COMPLETED
  4. Gain 50 more followers on Twitter. — End of month – beginning of month ( 375-271= 103) Total gain = 103 = COMPLETED
  5. Send one of my reviews to a literary magazine to get published. — I sent my review of Beneath the Citadel to get published and I not only sent it, but it got published! =  COMPLETED
  6. Take Instagram photos of 5 books. — I took 4 photos, only posted one. — Took one less than my goal.
  7. Spend some time interacting with bloggers at least 2 times a week. — I basically spent time interacting with other bloggers everyday = COMPLETED
  8. Review 5 books that are ARCs. — I reviewed 5 new ARC titles exactly = COMPLETED
  9. Post 6 discussion posts this month. — I posted exactly 6 discussion posts = COMPLETED

Conclusions so far are that when I set goals ITR y much harder than previously. Setting goals give me a point to work for, so I seem to put a lot more effort into it. It appears that I set my goals much lower than what was actually possible for me to achieve, considering I achieved 8/9 goals all of which I thought were challenging.


Let’s Chat!

Have you found that when you write down your goals you actually achieve them? What are your blogging goals? Did you achieve any goal that you didn’t think you would? Is there something you started to do that has helped you become more effective? How do you plan your blog posts? Be sure to comment below so we can help each other achieve our goals and dreams!


Thanks everyone who helped me reach my September Goals!

7 thoughts on “October Blog Goals

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  1. This is admirable and a helpful model for accomplishing goals! I just started blogging a few months ago. It started off as a medium for expressing thoughts and dreams. I wasn’t really aiming for followers at the time. It has evolved into something else when I started participating in other bloggers’ contests and learning more about myself in the process. It’s been fun, but right now I feel a little unorganized. I would like to update the format eventually. I do believe writing down goals increases my chances of achieving them, but I need a greater sense of direction of what I want to accomplish. There’s a study from Harvard University about this very idea! I typically blog in the morning and respond to other comments in the evening.

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    1. Thank you! I love writing goals and lists because it feels so good to cross stuff off! I also like having something to aim for and when I break down my overall goal into small ones it helps give me direction and focus.


  2. Wow, awesome job on reaching your September goals!! We recently posted some goals after our first month of blogging. I feel like it gave us a more clear path. It is definitely easier said than done though. It is amazing how much time blogging can actually take


    1. Once I started doing goals it made things much clearer on where I wanted to take it! Blogging does take up A LOT of time! It’s little things that take up the most time, like linking things and getting photo for covers and formatting, not the actual writing part. It’s all the marketing too. I was surprised how much it takes! I have found that I am steadily increasing a following though.

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