Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat!

rawpixel-1048261-unsplash.jpgAs part of Blogoween Anthony at Keep Reading Forward created a prompt about Trick or Treating. So here is the idea:

Everyone gets to go Trick or Treating again, but now it is now completely book related! Who is in your Trick or Treating group? Where would you like to go Trick or Treating? What places would have the best treats? What did you dress up as? It is a full moon tonight, and the possibilities are endless! How bookish does your spooky night really end up?


Instantly the place that came to mind to visit was Caraval. But I am also going to stop at The Unseelie Court in Tithe by Holly Black as well. Both of these places sound like the ideal places to spend Halloween trick or treating. Caraval has the magical feel and The Unseelie Court has some violence and amazing treats. I want to eat one of those apples that taste like heaven.

I am with some of my favorite bookish characters. Kaz and Inej from Six of Crows and also Adrian from The Bloodlines Series.

I am going to be dressed up as a gypsy. Kaz is dressed up as a Pirate and Inej is dressed up as Catwoman and I am also bringing Adrian from Bloodlines who is dressed up as the Karate Kid, mostly so I can see him shirtless and hit on him.

Caraval happens to have a scavenger hunt for Halloween, so my friends and I are going to participate. After we win (of course) we head to The Unseelie Court for a party. There are those amazing apples I talked about earlier and magical booze that makes us a little crazy drunk. We have a blast and then of course Kaz pisses off a faerie and we start a fight and barely escape. It was the perfect Halloween.


Let’s Chat!

What bookish characters would you want to Trick or Treat with? Feel free to participate in this prompt with me or comment below. What book settings would you love to visit? What would you and your bookish friends dress up as? Would you party, eat candy or get chased by scary creatures? Comment below with your thoughts!


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