Hexes and Curses – Blogoween

10 Characters that I would Hex or Curse

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This is a blogoween prompt created by Jamsu @ jamsudreams. If you don’t know what blogoween is check it out here. There are a ton of fun prompts and posts that I’ve participated in and read this month. It’s been a ton of fun. You can find tons of blogoween posts with the hashtag #blogoween on Twitter as well!

These are characters that need to be cursed!

Maram from Mirage, she needs a karma curse. Maybe then she’d stop being so shitty to people who she considers “beneath her”.

Two pedophiles that both need a curse that does something horrific to them every time they have a gross thought about a child are Frank LaSalle from Rust & Stardust and the guy who stole Mattie in Sadie.

The creature that lives Beneath the Citadel needs to be cursed… even though he kind of already is, he needs to suffer more.

Minya from Strange the Dreamer needs a curse that shows her how to care or something. She needs some humanity!

Catherine from The Witch of Willow Hall needs to be cursed because she is vicious to her sister at times and needs to learn the value of family. Another sister who needs to be cursed is Taryn from The Cruel Prince, she doesn’t deserve a sister like Jude.

Brodie from Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea needs to be cursed bad. He is a true monster and probably is one of the worst on this list.

Stick from The Immortal Rules could use to be cursed. He totally betrayed Allison in a really bad way.

Clancy from The Darkest Minds needs to be cursed. He was jealous and manipulative and was horrible in this book.


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  1. I still haven’t read The Darkest Minds! I need to order it at some point. I just hope it has HEA.

    I agree with you about Taryn. Her sister isn’t perfect but no sister deserves what she did to hers! She even had the guts to blame Jude for not taking it when it was her fault. Even if she didn’t tell her about seeing that guy (whose name I forgot) why couldn’t she just tell her sister that she liked him?

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    1. Locke, his name is Locke. Jude was so good to her too, protecting her against bullies and everything. Taryn didn’t deserve her one bit. Jude stood up for her all the time and how does Taryn repay her?? By betraying her! Absolute BULLSHIT.

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  2. Aww, poor creature cursed once more. I agree with Minya though… even though I DNFed Strange the Dreamer, Minya NEEDS some humanity in her.

    Ahhhh, Stick, yes. I barely remember him since it’s been so long since I’ve read The Immortal Rules. Allison was so nice to him if I remember and he just did that to her. 😦

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