My Pleasure Book Tag

My Pleasure Book Tag

This tag is originally from Booktube. The creator is Steve Partridge and you can video his here. I got tagged by Amber Joy  who is a Booktuber and blogger! Check her out!


1. Think. A book that made you think, hard.


Rust and Stardust was about the true crime story that inspired Lolita. This book is absolutely horrific, and brings to light some really horrible realities. If you want to check out my review click here.



2. Love. A book that broke or mended your heart.

Love Letters to the Dead.jpgLove Letters to the Dead broke my heart. I read this book shortly after my boyfriend died and I really connected with it. I cried and cried while reading this book. This book was a big part of my grieving process and was really important to me. I tend not to read books like this much anymore, but at the same time they are really important.



3. Eat. A book that nourishes you.

8490112Daughter of Smoke and Bone is amazing. I feel like the creativity of Laini Taylor’s worlds and imagination just revives me and makes me happy. This one in particular revived my creativity and really makes me feel good. Check out my review here!




4. Laugh. A book that brought a little comic relief.

Get Happy by Mary Amato

Sway by Kat Spears

Sway and Get Happy are two hidden gems that were both absolutely HILARIOUS. I loved both of these novels and wish that more people knew of them. If you need a laugh these are both great for that!



5. Sex. A book that explores or contains sexuality that doesn’t make you cringe.

Deeper by Robin York.jpgI am not a huge reader of erotica. I wish that there were more New Adult books that weren’t pure smut. I don’t really like a lot of sex in my books, but do enjoy some titles that have mild sex scenes. With all of that said, I did really love reading this NA series. I am also a big Colleen Hoover fan.




6. Rest. A book that gave you peace, reflection, or just calms you down.

Bloodlines by Richelle MeadThe Harry Potter series is my go to when I am sad, but I watch the movies when I’m sad, I don’t read the books. I would say that the series that I love to read, that I really just connect to is Bloodlines. Although there is a big fandom out there for it, it just kind of feels like these books were written for me.



7. Experience. A book that introduced you to a new subject or shifted your perspective.

26790915Flawed really made me think about the way that we look at others in society. It made me question my own view point and opened my eyes to things I didn’t always see, or want to see. It is a dystopian, but it still brought me so many questions as it felt allegorical. Check out my review where I discuss this more.






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What do you think about my answers? Have you read any of these titles? What books please you the most? What books make you happy? Do you have a go to author when you feel sad? Make sure to comment below!


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  1. You have such great answers for your questions. I’ve only read one and that is Daughter if Smoke and Bone. That book is a work of art with how different that it is. I like to read mystery or romance when I am sad. I like how they follow a simple flow that makes me fall into a headspace that forgets what’s upsetting me. I like to read Gena Showalter and Jennifer Estep.

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