The Myth Seeker by Cory Barclay

The Myth Seeker by Cory Barclay.jpgSummary:

A banshee who just wants to sing.
A leprechaun with a gambling problem.
A sex-addicted succubus in recovery.
Vampires who want a sunny day at the beach.
And then there’s Steve, the regular Joe who inadvertently brought these flawed mythical beings to our world. But he has no idea how he did it, which is a problem, because it’s his job to bring them home.
All this responsibility is putting a serious damper on Steve’s directionless lifestyle. Then he finds out a dark force is trying to kill him and his friends. And he might be falling in love with one of his charges…
Steve realizes he must get his act together, before it’s too late…

Review: 4 Stars

The Myth Seeker was a really fun fast paced read. An interesting plot told with a unique voice with a fast pace and cool mythic beings, this novel was a really fun adventure to read about. These types of fantasy books are perfect to read after reading something really in depth or if you are in a reading slump. The fast pace kept me reading the whole way through. It was hard to set this book down as the action never seemed to stop.

The characterization is done really well in this novel. It is done very quickly with frank descriptions of people, gibing the idea of who they are and what they are like without a wordy backstory of everything they have ever gone through. The descriptions combined with actions and dialogues of the characters come together to help each character stand out with their own personality. In a short story like this I feel like it is really important to still have well developed characters, but to not take up a ton of pages doing so. That balancing act is done perfectly by Cory Barclay.

The plot was done really well. The way the book was paced I had a very hard time setting it down. It also felt fresh. A lot of stories in fantasy have been done so many times, but this felt new and different. I was intrigued by the different mythical beings to pick this book up, but the packing is what kept me reading.

I really enjoyed this book. I’ve been reading a lot of longer intricate fantasy books lately and started to feel a slump coming on, so this fast paced read was perfect. I loved the way the author characterized the different characters and the pace of the story was fast that The Myth Seeker can easily be devoured in a day. I liked the world it was set in and the characters. I would be interested to see what happens next in this series or to read another book by Cory Barclay as his writing is great.

I received a free copy of this book from the author.

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