Tidyathon – How I Hope to Tidy Up my Blog


I decided to participate in Bookending Winter, and Tidyathon is a part of that. Originally I didn’t think I was going to participate, but the more that I thought of it, the more motivated I became. Tidyathon is basically a month long event where a bunch of us tidy up our blogs. If you want to read about it please click here! Everyone is welcome to join.

So for Tidyathon there are a lot of things I want to accomplish. I will post weekly updates about what I’ve accomplished.

What I Hope to Accomplish During Tidyathon

  • Find broken links and fix them.
  • Remove 15 titles from my TBR instead of 5 when participating in the weekly TBR Lows and Highs.
  • Take some photos for standard graphics.
  • Hand letter titles for standard graphics
  • Create some standard graphics for things like reviews and blog tours.
  • Update Review and Giveaway pages that are both super out of date.
  • Finalize my logo and get it up on my blog.
  • Cross post some reviews to Amazon.
  • Use Kaleena’s spreadsheet and get ALL of my ARC’s into it.
  • Look through my emails and make sure that all of my author requests are on my Goodreads list.
  • Organize a reading schedule for ARCs on TBR.
  • Update How to Get ARC’s post with resources that I have bookmarked.
  • Create Most Anticipated Winter Releases blog post.


Obviously I don’t think that I’m going to accomplish all of this in one month, but I need to start working on it and the Tidyathon is a great reason to get a little bit more organized. The timing of Kaleena’s spreadsheet is perfect for this event.


Let’s Chat!

Are you participating in Tidyathon? What things do you need to do to clean up your blog? Do you have any tips for any of this stuff? What other maintenance tasks do you think I should include? How do you keep everything organized?


29 thoughts on “Tidyathon – How I Hope to Tidy Up my Blog

Add yours

      1. yeah I do not want to look through mine, I know I’ll have a crap ton thanks to my weekly wrap ups so erm….I’m just gonna leave them broken cause this is how we do it on Book Dragons….unless of course it’s my own links xD I’ll fix internal broken links haha


      1. Uh kind of. I keep changing my shelves. I just have to go into Netgalley and Edelweiss and put them on my shelf again. Takes me like 20 min max? I only have like 30 ARCs right now. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Okay I’m going to look through. I just went through my TBR and requested titles that were on Edelweiss, as I don’t look through their catalog much. So I might get some of those titles later.


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