25 of the Best Book Covers of 2018

25 of the Best Book Covers of 2018.png

Hello book lovers! So the year is wrapping up and I was thinking I wanted to share what I think were some of the prettiest covers of 2018! Now of course, I was tempted to include the books that I thought had the best content of the year, but I already did that, so if you want to see my favorite reads of the year click here. This tag is all about aesthetics. Show me 2018 titles that you think are gorgeous on the outside.

I am a sucker for a pretty cover, so I’m hoping that some of the people I tag do this as well!

Best Book Covers of 2018




Belles Lettres

Avalinah’s Bookspace

Rosie Amber

Lili’s Blissful Pages

O.D. Book Reviews

Fafa’s Book Corner

Thoughts of the Reader

Melting Pages


Let’s Chat!

Do you judge a book by it’s cover? What do you think makes a cover pretty? Have you ever read a book with a good cover and been disappointed? Have you ever read a book with a bad cover and loved it? Comment below and we let’s chat!


29 thoughts on “25 of the Best Book Covers of 2018

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  1. OOOOH, Im SO gonna do this ! probably next month though .. as eeer, im only missing two posts for the month (which one is my BuJo post..)
    Our bloody pearl stand out the most out of them in my eyes, that’s sooo pretty !! OMg.

    Im not much about cover.. i’m more about title. First thing I need to be attracted to is the title of your book. If you have my reaction, imma go read the back. this is where it make or breaks; I may just “greh” and put it back or id be sold and keep it. Nice aestically pleasing covers are a plus !

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    1. I love good titles too! But a good cover is eye catching. Our Bloody Pearl caught my attention seeing it on someone else’s post and I had to add it to my TBR. I am willing to give most books a chance if something about it catches my eye, but if it doesn’t have a good cover I go in with poor expectations.

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  2. Ha, this is great! I love booky aesthetics!

    p.s. Small heads-up: for me there is no actual link in “so if you want to see my favorite reads of the year click here”. (Or perhaps this was deliberate?)

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  3. My two favorite book covers of books I read in 2018 were for “Smash all the Windows” by Jane Davis (which got an honorable mention in my “best of 2018” list, and “Ecstasy” by Mary Sharratt, which was a touch disappointing because the cover looked like it was done by Gustav Klimpt, but he wasn’t hardly in the book at all!

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