On a Witch and a Spell by Misty Bane – Review

On a witch and a spell by misty bane.jpgSummary:

This is a Prequel Novelette to the Blackwood Bay Witches Cozy Mystery Series

Drusilla “Granny” Rathmore is having the worst week of her life. First, her daughter died at the hands of witch hunter; then her son-in-law decided to hightail it out of town with her baby granddaughter in tow. Now, she’s a woman – er, witch – on a mission. No, it’s not disposing of the beast that took her daughter away, she’s already done that. Instead, Granny is tasked with performing an important ceremony. One that will hide her granddaughter’s true identity and give her the chance at a normal, non-magical life… except, Granny’s Spell Book is missing on the very day she needs it most.

As if she doesn’t have enough to worry about, she’ll have to contend with her daughter’s arch nemesis, a new Police Chief, a sea witch, and find her missing Spell Book. Oh, and sneak a few friends out of jail.

On A Witch And A Spell is a short, humorous cozy mystery read filled with magic; a mystery or two; and snarky, no nonsense main character and her friends.

Review: 4 Stars

This is a short story that I picked up recently and was compelled to read because I was hopeful for a paranormal cozy mystery that was actually good. Since it is also a prequel to the Blackwood Bay Witches series I was hopeful that if I enjoyed it I could continue reading more of the story. Right away I could tell that I would like the main character Drusella. Despite the fact that her nickname was Granny and she was an older character her snarky demeanor and sarcastic comments made her an interesting character to read about.

There are very few authors who can write a story this short and leave you feeling like it is a complete story, but Misty Bane is one of them. The plot was interesting and moved very fast, keeping your attention the whole time. On a Witch and a Spell can be devoured in under an hour and is a great introduction to Misty Bane’s writing and hopefully her Blackwood Bay Witches series. I want to discover what kind of story Misty Bane can deliver within a full length novel and after reading this prequel I want to see what happens next in the witchy world that she created.

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  1. Oof, sounds like a packed week for Drusilla for sure! I’m usually not a cozy mystery person, but I love the combo with a bit of paranormal mixed into it. Plus Granny sounds like a fun character and someone a lot of people would want to have as their own granny (even though most grannies are cool and fun).

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