New Caviar by Stephanie Brandt – Review

new caviar by stephanie brandt.jpgSummary:

It’s a delectable treat enjoyed only by the wealthiest in society, but no one knows what New Caviar is made of. Two people will follow different journeys to arrive at the same truth:

Daryl lives in a secluded facility filled only with people under age twenty. He times his life to the bells that tell him when to eat, exercise, and converse with other people, and he always dreams of food–except when the headaches hit…

Nancy’s husband wants to put on a party all their society friends will be jealous of. On the list for the special day? New Caviar. Nancy must find a way to purchase the enigmatic product in time for the big event.

As Daryl and Nancy face their personal challenges, they must both confront the truth about the mysterious dish.

Review: 3.5 Stars

New Caviar is a dark short story that is set in the future where a new delicacy called New Caviar is all the rage. The story focuses on two characters that live very different lives. Nancy is a wealthy housewife and Daryl is living in a facility that could be compared to a prison. The story caught my attention right away with the cover and a brief read of the description. I am glad to say that reading it was just as intriguing as I had expected it to be.

This short story was written very well and can be quickly devoured in one sitting. This dark twist on the future was intriguing and left me thinking about greed and just how far it can take people into morally dark places. The writing kept me reading and although the story was brief I felt very connected to the two characters. I’m really glad that I picked this story up because I have a feeling that it will stick with me for a long time. I would like to see what else Stephanie Brandt has written, because she clearly has real storytelling ability.


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    1. I just wanted a bit more to it. Also the idea is a little played out. I rounded up to 4 on Goodreads but by the time I posted this review I didn’t have lasting feelings of really enjoying the book a ton. I believe it is free on Bookfunnel and possibly also on Amazon? If you subscribe to the author’s newsletter I think you can get a copy. Quick read and a nice short. I would like to see what the author can do with a longer piece of work.

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      1. Finally had a chance to read this and really liked it. I got around to doing a book review post on my blog and added it in.
        As always, thanks for making me aware of new fiction I may not have run across otherwise!

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      2. That’s great! I am slowly working through my review copies and author requests, but a lot of times when I finish a really long book or an intricate one I will pick up a short story through bookfunnel and review it. I know that a lot of authors are hurting for reviews and that is why they offer their book free on bookfunnel, and taking the time to read a book under 100 pages is nothing for me to read and review, and it tends to keep me out of a reading rut. It’s a win-win for the author and I, and then also a win for some of my blog followers as well. YAY

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      3. I would read more of them, but in terms of being a reviewer it’s hard because I don’t know how to review the whole thing. When I go for a short story it’s nice to get out a review quickly and to have a palate cleanser.

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