Would You Rather? – Personal Tag

This tag is on a fun and personal note so you can learn a bit more about me and I can learn a bit more about those that I tag. I was tagged by Chelsea over at All Time Chelsea. She’s really friendly, so go check out her blog! Click here to read her answers to the tag.


More About Me:

I’m a dog person who is a bit of an introvert. I love books, nature and my family. Here is a picture of  me with 2 of my dogs because you can never see too many puppies. (Unfortunately the third dog doesn’t fit on my lap.)


My Answers to Chelsea’s Questions

  1. Would you rather only watch Friends or How I Met Your Mother on TV for the rest of your life? How I Met Your Mother for sure! Much more time appropriate and pretty entertaining.
  2. Would you rather it be boiling hot or freezing cold every day? I would say freezing, because you can always put clothes on and get warm. I don’t really know though, this is a hard one.
  3. Would you rather go to jail for 4 years for something you didn’t do, or get away with something horrible you did but always live in fear of being caught? I’d rather get away with it and be in fear of getting caught. Who wants to spend 4 years in jail regardless of if they actually committed the crime?
  4. Would you rather be alone for the rest of your life or always be surrounded by annoying people? Be surrounded by annoying people. Everyone has redeeming qualities.
  5. Would you rather never use social media again or never watch another movie/TV show? Never use social media again. I love a good movie or TV show.
  6. Would you rather be completely invisible for one day or to be able to fly for one day? Difficult question. Probably invisibility, we can fly on airplanes but we can never be invisible.
  7. Would you rather live without the internet or live without air conditioning/heating? Without internet for sure. Air conditioning and heat are luxuries I do not want to give up.
  8. Would you rather have a horrible job, but able to retire comfortably in 10 years, or have your dream job but have to work until the day you die? I’d rather work my dream job until I die! If I love it I would enjoy doing it!
  9. Would you rather be vegan, or only be able to eat meat and nothing else for the rest of your life? Ugh! I hate both of these options! I would go with vegan because with just meat there are so few options for meals.
  10. Would you rather never have to work again or never have to sleep again? Never have to work again. I love sleeping!


My Questions (for those tagged to answer!)

  1. Would you rather have a dog or a cat?
  2. Would you rather become a werewolf or a vampire?
  3. Would you rather know how you were going to die or when you were going to die?
  4. Would you rather know the history of every object you ever touched or know the history of every person you ever touched?
  5. Would you rather vacation in the mountains or on a beach?
  6. Would you rather remember every conversation you have or remember everything you ever read?
  7. Would you rather be the absolute best at one skill or be okay at a bunch of skills?
  8. Would you rather face your worst nightmare or have to tell everyone your deepest secret?
  9. Would you rather sleep without blankets or without a pillow?
  10. Would you rather speak any language fluently or be able to communicate with animals?



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Let’s Chat!

Tell me what you would rather do! Do you agree with my answers to Chelsea’s questions? Make sure to comment below!

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