Hemlock and Hedge by Ruby Loren – Review

hemlock and hedge by ruby lorenSummary:

Only a witch would poison a cake.
And only another witch would blackmail the poisoner.

Hazel Salem is the family disappointment.

She isn’t a witch.

She doesn’t believe in magic.

And she definitely doesn’t want a black cat for a pet.

But when she discovers an unsolved mystery amongst her inheritance, she is forced to accept that ignoring her heritage is no longer an option.

Hazel is determined to reveal a secret that’s stayed hidden for years.

But the witches of Wormwood have other ideas…

If you love witty sleuths, smart mysteries, and snarky humour, you’ll love this series. Pick up these page-turning witch mysteries today!

Review: 4 Stars

Hemlock and Hedge is a short paranormal cozy mystery that started out with a treasure hunt. This bite sized story can be finished in a sitting ans was a great opener for the series to follow. The addition of two black kittens into the story fit perfectly in the witchy small town that is clearly full of gossip, grudges, fortune tellers and witches.

Hemlock and Hedge was a fun, fast read that helped set the scene and introduce you to the characters of the series. It is a bit of a discovery story as Hazel discovered that witches are real, but it is also a mystery. This is my first read by Ruby Loren and I think it was a perfect taste to get a sense of what her writing is like. She writes at a pretty fast pace and kept everything interesting.

I opened this book when searching for the next thing to read, expecting to flip a few pages and set it down for something else. Surprisingly, I quickly found myself interested in the story and pulled in by the writing. I would really love to check out the rest of this series because I enjoy the way Ruby Loren writes and can tell by this quick tale that I want to read more like it.

I found Hemlock and Hedge for free at the Cozy Mystery Bonanza run on Bookfunnel. If you are looking for a cozy mystery to read for free you can find one here until the end of March.

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