Top Ten Tuesday – The First 10 books Reviewed

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Top Ten Tuesday is a prompt hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl.Today’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is:

The First Ten Books I Reviewed

I thought this would be an interesting prompt because it’s a major throwback. I started reviewing books in March of 2014. I had started getting into Goodreads and discovered that there were tons of read and review programs on there. Most of my first 10 reviews are all from those kinds of programs. The first book that I reviewed actually got me a gig reviewing for Romance Junkies, which is how I really got into book reviewing and eventually book blogging.

Awakening by Catrina Burgess – 5 Stars – Review

Taking the Reins by Katrina Abbott – 3 Stars – Review

Fine Young Gentlemen by C.W. Slater–  4 Stars – Review

 Possession by Catrina Burgess – 4 Stars – Review

Nefarious by Steven F. Freeman – 4 Stars – Review

Cold Moon Rising by Sarah Makela – 5 Stars – Review

The Love Talker by A.C. Harrah – 4 Stars – Review

Death of a Rock Star by N.J. Frost – 4 Stars – Review

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare – 4 Stars – Review

Deviation by Christine Manzari – 4 Stars – Review


Looking back is kind of funny, my interests have changed a lot and so have my reviews. I have quite a lot more to say than I used to. I am much more selective now and I am also more critical. I wonder how many great books I am missing out on because I don’t like the cover or because it doesn’t have many reviews.

Back when I first started the idea of free books for a review absolutely amazed me and now it’s a part of my daily life. I am so grateful that these programs and groups exist because back then I was very depressed and this was such a great escape. I did find some really wonderful books through those programs and still check them out every now and then for hidden gems.

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