May Wrap Up

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This month I read 8 books. 7 ARCs and 1 back list title.  I read a total of 3549 pages.

If you have been following my blog you might have read my recent blog post What Makes A Great Book? where I looked at my past five star reviews to see what qualities my 5 star books had in common. I am a huge fantasy buff and I hadn’t read a 5 star fantasy in two months, when I read The Poppy War. I FINALLY got to read a 5 star fantasy this month, so I am super happy about that. It had been FAR too long. B


the dragon republic by r.f. kuang.jpgThe Dragon Republic by R.F. Kuang

Publication Date: 8/6/19

I really enjoyed this sequel to The Poppy War, but didn’t LOVE it the same way I absolutely LOVED The Poppy War. It suffered a little bit from second-book-syndrome, but it was still an amazing read. — My review will be on my blog closer to the publication date.


nocturna by maya motayneNocturna by Maya Motayne

Publication Date: 5/7/19

Nocturna was a LOT better than I had anticipated it to be. I think I expected it to suck because I hated the cover, but the book was a really fun read. It had an interesting magic system and morally grey characters. Check out my review!



The Candle and the Flame by Nafiza Asad.jpgThe Candle and the Flame by Nafiza Azad

Publication Date: 5/14/19

This was a real slow burn fantasy. It was so culturally immersive and very vividly written. I really grew to love the characters, and loved how cultural this book was. This is one of those books that I will remember for a long time. Check out my review!


The Night Before by Wendy Walker.jpgThe Night Before by Wendy Walker

Publication Date: 5/14/19

This fast paced psychological thriller was exactly what I needed after reading a slow burn fantasy. This book was one that I tore through and finished in less than a day. I really liked the pacing and suspense of this one. Check out my review!


middlegame by seanan mcguireMiddlegame by Seanan McGuire

Publication Date: 5/7/19

This is the first book I have read by Seanan McGuire. I really loved the two main characters and their relationship with one another was done so well. The character development was so great that I thought that I might have finally found that elusive 5 star fantasy. I had some issues with the pacing and the plot that brought the rating of this book down for me. Check out my review!

Wilder Girls by Rory Power.jpgWilder Girls by Rory Power

Publication Date: 7/9/19

This was an unexpected surprise! I didn’t really expect to like this book, but I really LOVED Wilder Girls. I never wanted to set this book down and I loved that it was set at a boarding school. This was a really great read about survival, friendship and loyalty. Absolute knockout debut for Rory Power, I can’t wait to see what she writes next. — My review will be on my blog closer to publication.

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson.jpgThe Final Empire (Mistborn #1) by Brandon Sanderson


I finally found the elusive 5 star fantasy! I absolutely LOVED This book. I am so late to the game on Brandon Sanderson’s work, but I am so happy that I have discovered him. Thank you SO much to everyone who recommended this book. This book had everything I didn’t know I needed in a fantasy. — Look out for my review soon!

Recursion by Blake Crouch.jpgRecursion by Blake Crouch

Publication Date : 6/11/19

I knew that after reading the first book in the Mistborn series that the next book would probably suck in comparison. Recursion had a really great idea behind it, but kind of lost me in the execution. It was super thought provoking, so I’m glad I read it, but I had a lot of issues with this book and almost didn’t finish it. I found the concepts behind it absolutely fascinating though, so it was really hard to rate this book. — Look out for my review soon!




32 thoughts on “May Wrap Up

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    1. Everyone reads at a different pace! I read a lot though. Plus I use the kindle text to speech feature when I am doing things like making food, laundry or taking a shower, so I can listen to my book when I normally wouldn’t be able to read.

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      1. I just looked it up and it is mainly a feature for kindle fire, but I believe you can do it for every kind of kindle if you have a speaker. There is a think called VoiceView for people who can’t see well. Here is a link to an article and video that might help if you really want to check it out:

        I didn’t realize that it wasn’t as easy on all kindles.

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    1. I really liked Middlegame because of the characters, but did have some issues with it. I liked it a LOT better than I had expected to and really adored the relationship between Rodger and Dodger. My feelings are much more positive than negative on that book.

      Recursion…. I had a LOT of issues with. I did finish it, but it was like the middle DRAGGED on for me. Plus it felt kind of repetitive and I really didn’t connect with the characters, but I liked the ending of the story and once I got past like… 70% the rest of the book flew by. But between like… 40% and 70% it was so slow for me. My review will be up soon. The reason I gave it 3 stars is because it had a great concept and was SUPER thought provoking.

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  1. Yay another person late to the Brandon Sanderson game! 😂 I picked up his YA sci fi (Skyward) last year and really enjoyed it and finally took the plunge with his adult fantasy books and bought the first Mistborn book. I’m only half way through but to see someone else who loves it even this long after it was published is awesome! I’m looking forward to finishing it even more now!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I didn’t go into Skyward with high hopes (cause my relationship with sci fi is meh at the best of times) but I ended up flying through it and it ended up being a favourite of last year! Hopefully you’ll get round to it and enjoy it soon! 😁

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      2. I think I am going to read the Mistborn series first, and then make my way through his other books. I think Brandon Sanderson’s books will be my go to high fantasy novels for a while.


      1. *cough* We’re all looking at you George RR Martin *cough* seriously, can we just have the next book in the Song of Ice and Fire series already????

        But what really sucks is when you read the series and it just gets worse as it goes on. I call it “second-book-syndrome”. The sequel almost never lives up, the exception to that rule is Harry Potter, where the books get better as the series goes on.

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  2. What a month of reading! I’m glad you enjoyed Mistborn! My husband is a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson and has been badgering me to read it so we can talk about it. I’m looking forward to your review!

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