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If you follow my blog you know that I have a huge TBR pile and I am pretty up on all the upcoming releases. I am always anticipating new books and adding new books to my TBR. When I saw this tag I knew I wanted to do it. I thought that someone tagged me, but I can’t fine it so I stole this post from My World of Books.


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1. Your Most Anticipated Book of the Year

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo.jpg

I know it’s super cliche, but I can’t think of anything I am anticipating more than Ninth House that comes out by the end of the year. I’m excited for a lot of books, but Ninth House is dark, has a university setting and is written by Leigh Bardugo. Obviously I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to get an ARC or you would have heard about that by now, but I am very excited for when this book comes out.

2. A Book You’re Not Anticipating

House of Earth and Blood -- Crescent City by SJM.jpg

I’m not a SJM fan. I read A Court of Thorns and Roses (check out my review) and while I do think that I was heavily influenced by negative reviews I really just don’t think that her writing is for me. Her books seem like they have a heavy focus on romance, which isn’t really my thing.

3. Most Underhyped Anticipated Release

unnatural magic by c.m. waggoner.jpg

Unnatural Magic is by far the most underhyped anticipated release. I am SO hype for this book. Ever since I read the Trylle series by Amanda Hocking I have been looking for more books that have trolls in them. When my physical ARC of Unnatural Magic showed up I couldn’t stop staring at it and I can’t wait to start reading about it.

4. A Book You’ve Been Waiting on Forever

the furies by katie lowe

I got a copy of The Furies a long time ago and I feel like it has been calling me from my shelf for months. The release date is finally getting closer, so it’s almost time to read this book that I have been super excited to read for months now.

5. A Book You’re Anticipating That is Out of Your Comfort Zone

American Royals by Katharine McGee.jpg

I am really excited for American Royals. I don’t read a ton of contemporary novels, but this one is one that I am really excited that I got my hands on. It looks like a fun quick read for the end of the summer.

6. Your Top Three “Can’t Wait” Books of the Year


7. Top 5 Most Anticipated Backlist Books on Your TBR


Ugh this is so hard for me! There are so many backlist books that I am absolutely dying to read. I tried to narrow it down to what I will actually probably read next. I own all of these books and am really excited to get some time to read them.


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  1. What a fun tag! So many books on here look so good — I’m especially looking at your top ‘can’t wait’ books! All those covers are stunning and I’d pick them up based on that alone 😂 Hope you enjoy all of these reads!

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