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Top 5 Cover Buy Books I Want to ReadThis Top 5 series started back in October 2018 and it has grown really big! This is a series of books that all have a common theme. I post the schedule for the next month the last week of the prior month. You can talk about books you want to read or books you have read and all prompts are open for interpretation! Feel free to get as creative as you want with the prompts.

Upcoming Schedule!

November 14th, 2020  — Dress on the Cover

November 21st, 2020 — Books with 2 Authors

November 28th, 2020 — Cover Buys

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December 26th, 2020 — 2021 Releases


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Cover Buys!

Honestly, I judge books by their covers all the time! A book’s cover is typically the first thing that we see as a potential reader and it can draw us in or make us turn away. A good cover can make me buy a book right away, and a bad cover can make me question if a book is worth reading. A cover is the book’s main way of marketing to their audience. Lots of us buy books based on their covers, I mean why else would Bookstagram be so popular. When a cover is really eye catching there are times where I won’t even have to know anything else about the book, I will buy it right there. Some recent books that I’ve picked up because I loved their covers are: Ghost Wood Song, Beyond the Ruby Veil, Fable, Among the Beasts and Briars, Unnatural Magic.

Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida CordovaLabyrinth Lost Zoraida Cordova

I was chosen by the Deos. Even gods make mistakes.

Alex is a bruja, the most powerful witch in a generation…and she hates magic. At her Deathday celebration, Alex performs a spell to rid herself of her power. But it backfires. Her whole family vanishes into thin air, leaving her alone with Nova, a brujo she can’t trust, but who may be Alex’s only chance at saving her family.

I’ve wanted this book for years now! Actually I didn’t buy it yet because I can’t find a copy with this cover. I LOVE this cover. It’s just has such a mystical vibe. This cover just makes me excited for witchiness.

Ever Cursed by Corey Ann HayduEver Cursed by Corey Ann Haydu

Damsel meets A Heart in a Body in the World in this incisive and lyrical feminist fairy tale about a princess determined to save her sisters from a curse, even if it means allying herself with the very witch who cast it.

The Princesses of Ever are beloved by the kingdom and their father, the King. They are cherished, admired.


Jane, Alice, Nora, Grace, and Eden carry the burden of being punished for a crime they did not commit, or even know about. They are each cursed to be Without one essential thing—the ability to eat, sleep, love, remember, or hope. And their mother, the Queen, is imprisoned, frozen in time in an unbreakable glass box.

But when Eden’s curse sets in on her thirteenth birthday, the princesses are given the opportunity to break the curse, preventing it from becoming a True Spell and dooming the princesses for life. To do this, they must confront the one who cast the spell—Reagan, a young witch who might not be the villain they thought—as well as the wickedness plaguing their own kingdom…and family.

Told through the eyes of Reagan and Jane—the witch and the bewitched—this insightful twist of a fairy tale explores power in a patriarchal kingdom not unlike our own.

This cover is just so crisp and beautiful! I don’t even care what it’s about, but I want to read it! This one also has a fairy tale vibe, so obviously I love that kind of cover. Everything about this cover just looks magical and whimsical.

The Midnight Bargain by CL PolkThe Midnight Bargain by C.L. Polk

Beatrice Clayborn is a sorceress who practices magic in secret, terrified of the day she will be locked into a marital collar that will cut off her powers to protect her unborn children. She dreams of becoming a full-fledged Magus and pursuing magic as her calling as men do, but her family has staked everything to equip her for Bargaining Season, when young men and women of means descend upon the city to negotiate the best marriages. The Clayborns are in severe debt, and only she can save them, by securing an advantageous match before their creditors come calling.

In a stroke of luck, Beatrice finds a grimoire that contains the key to becoming a Magus, but before she can purchase it, a rival sorceress swindles the book right out of her hands. Beatrice summons a spirit to help her get it back, but her new ally exacts a price: Beatrice’s first kiss . . . with her adversary’s brother, the handsome, compassionate, and fabulously wealthy Ianthe Lavan.

The more Beatrice is entangled with the Lavan siblings, the harder her decision becomes: If she casts the spell to become a Magus, she will devastate her family and lose the only man to ever see her for who she is; but if she marries—even for love—she will sacrifice her magic, her identity, and her dreams. But how can she choose just one, knowing she will forever regret the path not taken?

I just realized that The Midnight Bargain and Ever Cursed both have flowers and clocks on the cover. I think this cover is SO pretty. It has a sophisticated feel to it and from what I’ve read of the blurb I think it’s very fitting for the book.

These Feathered Flames by Alexandra OveryThese Feathered Flames by Alexandra Overy

Publication Date: April 20th, 2021

Three Dark Crowns meets Wicked Saints in this queer #ownvoices retelling of “The Firebird,” a Russian folktale, by debut author Alexandra Overy.

When twin heirs are born in Tourin, their fates are decided at a young age. While Izaveta remained at court to learn the skills she’d need as the future queen, Asya was taken away to train with her aunt, the mysterious Firebird, who ensured magic remained balanced in the realm.

But before Asya’s training is completed, the ancient power blooms inside her, which can mean only one thing: the queen is dead, and a new ruler must be crowned.

As the princesses come to understand everything their roles entail, they’ll discover who they can trust, who they can love—and who killed their mother.

I love the gold swirly patterns! (If there is an actual name for that design you should let me know.) This just has an old fairy tale vibe to it and as soon as I saw this cover I knew I had to have this book. I already have an eARC!

These Hollow Vows by Lexi RyanThese Hollow Vows by Lexi Ryan

Publication Date: July 20th, 2021

From New York Times best-selling author Lexi Ryan, Cruel Prince meets A Court of Thorns and Roses in this sexy, action-packed fantasy about a girl who is caught between two treacherous faerie courts and their dangerously seductive princes.

Brie hates the Fae and refuses to have anything to do with them, even if that means starving on the street. But when her sister is sold to the sadistic king of the Unseelie court to pay a debt, she’ll do whatever it takes to get her back—including making a deal with the king himself to steal three magical relics from the Seelie court.

Gaining unfettered access to the Seelie court is easier said than done. Brie’s only choice is to pose as a potential bride for Prince Ronan, and she soon finds herself falling for him. Unwilling to let her heart distract her, she accepts help from a band of Unseelie misfits with their own secret agenda. As Brie spends time with their mysterious leader, Finn, she struggles to resist his seductive charm.

Caught between two dangerous courts, Brie must decide who to trust with her loyalty. And with her heart.

Once again there is gold writing with swirly designs. I don’t typically love illustrated covers, but something about this one really grabbed me. The two men on the cover tell me that there will be a love triangle and I know this book is about the fae. This looks like the kind of YA fantasy I can tear through super fast. The girl on the cover just looks powerful and I am so excited to have gotten my hands on an ARC of this book!


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Let’s Chat!

Do You judge books by their covers? What designs do you love on book covers? What books did you pick up just because of the cover? Do you like illustrated covers? Have you read any of the books I listed above? What did you think? Make sure to comment below so we can talk about it!

19 thoughts on “Top 5 Cover Buy Books I Want to Read

Add yours

  1. Labyrinth lost is so pretty indeed!! And it does looks interesting- I love how all of them on that list involves magic or witches too 😂

    I actually can’t buy solely by cover.. as I need to know what i’m getting myself into- and i’m not really able to dive in fantasy yet…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol I didnt even notice that they all involved witches or magic. But I guess that’s expected since I love fantasy books so much! I do really want a copy of Labyrinth Lost but I want that cover! I havent been able to find it for some reason.

      I totally buy based on cover sometimes. Idk I like going in blind sometimes. Plus I feel like cover can tell you a lot about the story. But I do have to admit that I typically read the blurb after the cover gets me excited for the book.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh I know!! Sometimes a cover can lead to disappointment for me. I was soooo hype for Serpent and Dove bc of the cover but then realized that it was mainly a romance when i was reading it. But sometimes a good cover will turn me onto a book I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Labyrinth Lost is breathtaking and the 2nd one are my favorites. I would’ve bought Labyrinth Lost in a heartbeat without reading the synopsis 😆

    Oh and the gold swirlys you mentioned are called filigree. I am a sucker for anything filigree lol. It started popping up in Portugal from Arab trading ships around the 8th century but is much older than that. It started out as intricate lacy types of patterns made from delicate silver and gold stirctly on jewelry. It started gaining a ton of popularity everywhere in the early 1900’s which is why so many Victorian items are so eye-catching (and it’s why a lot of cosplay steampunk items have these embellishments). Now it’s everywhere and you can find it on jewelry of course and book covers, etc.

    It is totally different from Damask patterns and can confuse people. Damask is a bolder and a uniform pattern that originated in China. It didn’t gain popularity until the middle ages in Syria where it was strictly woven with silk and created a reversible pattern. It eventually evolved to other fabric types and made its way world-wide gaining popularity in the Victorian era, go figure. (Think wallpaper and couches). Now you see it all the time on comforters, wallpaper, pillows, rugs, etc.

    I think I just wrote a middle school report 😆

    Liked by 1 person

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