The Endless Skies by Shannon Price — Blog Tour — ARC Review

The Endless Skies by Shannon Price


High above the sea, floats the pristine city of the Heliana. Home to winged-lion shapeshifters―the Leonodai―and protected from the world of humans by an elite group of warriors, the Heliana has only known peace.

After years of brutal training, seventeen-year-old Rowan is ready to prove her loyalty to the city and her people to become one of the Leonodai warriors. But before Rowan can take the oath, a deadly disease strikes the city’s children. Soon the warriors―including two of Rowan’s closest friends―are sent on a dangerous mission to find a fabled panacea deep within enemy lands.

Left behind, Rowan learns a devastating truth that could compromise the mission and the fate of the Heliana itself. She must make a decision: stay with the city and become a warrior like she always dreamed, or risk her future in an attempt to save everyone she loves. Whatever Rowan decides, she has to do it fast, because time is running out, and peace can only last so long…

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SHANNON PRICE believes in good bread, good wine, and good books. She lives in California where she dreams of one day living in a house by the sea.

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Review: 3.5 Stars

When I first saw this fantasy book I have to admit that I was intrigued. I don’t read too many books about shifters and I don’t think I’d ever seen one about flying lion shifters. The entire concept seemed very interesting. I had previously read Shannon Price’s debut book A Thousand Fires and really enjoyed it, so when I realized that The Endless Skies was by the same author I knew that I had to jump at the chance to read and review this book. I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t enjoy it because I don’t typically read books about shifters, but I found myself really getting into the world.

The Endless Skies started off a little slow, but once I found myself invested I really wound up enjoying it. I enjoyed that there were multiple perspectives and that they were all connected. The main character is Rowan a warrior elect, I really liked her loyalty and determination. The second perspective was Callen’s, a warrior who is Rowan’s best friend and has had feelings for her for years. The third perspective is Shirene, a sentinel and Rowan’s older sister, and her perspective gave you a good sense of the politics of the realm. I really enjoyed the multiple points of views and I really liked the love triangle.

The world was the best aspect of this book for me. The Leonodai were really fascinating and I loved all the different magical shifter races. I feel like this book could have been a lot longer and went into a lot more world building, but I enjoyed what pieces we got. The world building was vivid and the political turmoil made for great tension. I loved the vivid imagery of the floating cities and the lion shifters racing through the skies. The whole world was just so fascinating and is really what captivated me.

The thing I struggled with was the plot. This could have been so action packed but I felt like the pacing was pretty slow and not a lot happened. I did enjoy the love triangle, but I felt like the plot should have been a bigger focus rather than who Rowan was going to choose. I also felt like the side characters and the relationships fell a little flat. The entire book is about seeking a cure for a disease that is killing children, this could have been an emotional read, but instead it felt more juvenile and focused on romances that didn’t have enough depth to them

This was a fun quick fantasy read with really vivid world building. I loved the vivid imagery of the floating city and all the different shifter races and would have loved even more about the world. I loved the Leonodai and how the entire race valued loyalty and honor. I found Rowan to be a determined main character with great morals and values, making her a great protagonist to follow. I did struggle with the pacing and felt like the plot and relationships could have been better developed. I will definitely be reading Shannon Price’s next book because she clearly has a vivid imagination.

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