Hemlock and Hedge by Ruby Loren – Review

Summary: Only a witch would poison a cake. And only another witch would blackmail the poisoner. Hazel Salem is the family disappointment. She isn’t a witch. She doesn’t believe in magic. And she definitely doesn’t want a black cat for a pet. But when she discovers an unsolved mystery amongst her inheritance, she is forced... Continue Reading →

Web of Lies by Thomas K Carpenter – Review

Summary: Whoever controls the Hundred Halls, controls the world. Aurelia "Aurie" Silverthorne has high hopes for her second year in the Hundred Halls, the world's only magical university, but her expectations are destroyed when she accidentally unleashes a plague of faez-eating thralls and spends week after week getting killed in the Grand Contest. But none... Continue Reading →

Weekly Book Haul -2/8/19

I have never tracked how many books I've gotten in a week because even I know it's excessive. But this week when I was going through books I'd received through newsletters and adding them to my Goodreads account I figured keeping track of what I get week by week might hold me more accountable. Before... Continue Reading →

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