The Traveling Book

I would like to start a traveling book with some other bloggers who are interested. The concept is basically that about ten other bloggers would like to receive the traveling book to read and review and then pass on to the next person on the list. Please actually send the book to the next person on the list, it will be no fun if the book gets lost somewhere. The rules are below

  1. Please only sign up if you really want to read and review the title currently being offered.
  2. Wait for the book to get to you in the mail and then read and review it on your blog.
  3. Sign your name, the date you finished the book and where you are from on the inside cover.
  4. Mail the book to the next person on the list.
  5. Link the other blogs participating at the end of your review.


Click here for more information:ARC Book Swap– The Traveling Book

Please comment on this page or send an email with the subject line “traveling book” to if you would like to participate.

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