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BMTH-1600px_preview.jpegBring Me Their Hearts
by Sara Wolf
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: June 5th 2018
Entangled Teen


Zera is a Heartless—the immortal, unaging soldier of a witch. Bound to the witch Nightsinger ever since she saved her from the bandits who murdered her family, Zera longs for freedom from the woods they hide in. With her heart in a jar under Nightsinger’s control, she serves the witch unquestioningly.

Until Nightsinger asks Zera for a prince’s heart in exchange for her own, with one addendum: if she’s discovered infiltrating the court, Nightsinger will destroy Zera’s heart rather than see her tortured by the witch-hating nobles.

Crown Prince Lucien d’Malvane hates the royal court as much as it loves him—every tutor too afraid to correct him and every girl jockeying for a place at his darkly handsome side. No one can challenge him—until the arrival of Lady Zera. She’s inelegant, smart-mouthed, carefree, and out for his blood. The prince’s honor has him quickly aiming for her throat.

So begins a game of cat and mouse between a girl with nothing to lose and a boy who has it all.

Winner takes the loser’s heart.


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Review: 4 stars

For some reason I didn’t expect this to be as good as it was. I loved this book! I initially thought that this was a retelling of Snow White and the Huntsman, and I guess it is, extremely loosely so, but not in the way I expected. This story is unique and filled with some fantasy elements that made for a very interesting book.

The characters were developed exceptionally well. Zera, a heartless and the main character, fights what she refers to as “the hunger” inside of her as she tries to hold onto her humanity, which is an interesting moral conflict for her character. The relationship between Zera and Y’shennria is one of my favorites in the story. Initially Y’shennria is afraid of Zera, but as their relationship Throughout the course of the novel the way that they treat each other changes as well. Initially, I thought Zera’s personality was too reckless and impulsive, but she grew on me a lot.

This book is not your normal zombie fiction. The Heartless, which are very similar to zombies in some ways, are far more interesting to read about. Probably because they hold onto some of their humanity . One thing I like is that the logistics of digestion are explained, were typically without affection, these types of details are overlooked forcing your suspension of belief.

The plot was probably one of my favorite aspects of the book. There wind up being two plot lines converging create a fascinating fantasy story. The world building was done beautifully. Slowly building a world with three moons, witches, and zombie-like features and cholera-likebcreatures as well. It wasn’t all thrown at you at once, built up slowly and intricately. The pacing was slow, but not boring. I typically hate slow-moving plots, but this was interesting enough that didn’t bother me at all. I was shocked at how good this was. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys fantasy. This was the first book that I’ve read by Sara Wolf, but I would definitely return for more books by her.



About the Author
Sara Wolf is a twenty-something author who adores baking, screaming at her cats, and screaming at herself while she types hilarious things. When she was a kid, she was too busy eating dirt to write her first terrible book. Twenty years later, she picked up a keyboard and started mashing her fists on it and created the monster known as Lovely Vicious. She lives in San Diego with two cats, a crippling-yet-refreshing sense of self-doubt, and not enough fruit tarts ever.


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