The Siren Chronicles

35557519Summary: While leading the clean up of the worst oil spill in California history, Marine Biologist Elias Courtney stumbles upon the unthinkable. The beautiful young woman, washed up on the desecrated beach, tangled in the black seaweed, is still alive, but barely. What would possess someone to enter these black poisonous waters, the cause of so many innocent creatures’ demise?!! For that matter, how IS she still alive? How long has she been under the water? As Courtney would soon find out — her entire life. In fact, this was the young mermaid’s first time on land.

Lorelei with companions, Seanne and Millisine, has travelled a long way to walk these scarred shores. Now separated by the horrific oily mess that only humans could have caused, the three sirens must struggle to stay alive as they attempt to navigate this strange new world. They must reunite and begin the “Earthquest” that is their reason for being on land. Their underwater home is sick, dying off at an alarming rate. And whatever is causing the near extinction of the last remaining mermaid colony, clearly originated from exactly where they find themselves.

Edward Titan had waited decades for this moment. All three have arrived, hopeful and innocent, completely unsuspecting. Soon the ocean’s strongest, smartest and most intuitive sirens will find themselves up against years of festering anger and hatred. Titan’s retribution will be swift and brutal. And it will mean the end of an entire civilization. The Sirens’ Song will soon be no more.


Review: 4 stars

The prologue was an attention grabber, but the first few chapters started off slow and are pretty heavy with information dumping. Rather than relaying past events some things could be shown with flashbacks later in the book. Despite the rough beginning the book quickly recaptured the readers attention as the 3 sirens each wind up on land for the first time in different scenarios.

I was glad to have a description of what it looked like when a tail of a mermaid transfromed from human legs. The description was magical and beautiful, making it easy for me to visualise. In any type of mystical transformation it can be hard to picture, so I was glad that this aspect was done well.

I also really was fond of the relationship between Lorelai and the child Ashley. As I was once a little girl with a very vivid imagination (I mostly believed in witches) I was thrilled that the mermaid indulged the little girl and made her experience with meeting a mermaid truly magical. This is one of my first mermaid/siren books that I have read and in so many aspects it was incredibly magically descriptive which made the read so enjoyable. This is mystical world building at its finest.

The adventures of the three mermaids were thrilling and fun to read, especially because each mermaid had their own unique personality. These characters were developed pretty well. I can certainly see this being an interesting series and I would come back to read the rest of it.

I received a copy from Netgalley for an honest review.

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