Top 5 Books with Colorful Titles I Want to Read

Top 5 Books with Colorful Titles I Want to ReadThis Top 5 series started back in October 2018 and I kind of lost motivation for making it every week. But it’s back! This is a series of books that I want to read that all have a common theme. Previously on the blog I have focused on witches, werewolves, thrillers, faeries, fairy tale re-tellings, high fantasy and many more. I am going to try and bring this series back for every Saturday.

The Upcoming Schedule Is:

3/21/20 — Magical Realism

3/28/20 — Murder Mystery

4/4/20 — Books to Read while Stuck Inside/Quarantined

4/11/20 — Books with a Color in the Title

4/18/20 — Sibling Relationships

4/25/20 — Books Under 300 Pages


Okay, so I totally admit that I’ve been slacking on my blog lately. Being quarantined has been… difficult. I have been a little stir crazy and just feeling super slumpy and a bit depressed. I am hoping that this week I can get back into it all. After binge watching Riverdale and The Legacies I either need a new TV show or a book that actually captivates me. I think I’m going to try something off of one of the recent Top 5 Saturday posts.


  • Share your top 5 books of the current topic– these can be books that you want to read, have read and loved, have read and hated, you can do it any way you want.
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Color in the Title

This week’s topic is a book that has a color in the title, there are a ton of colors, so this took a bit of searching. This was actually a really fun topic to do because the books wound up being all very different from one another. While of course all of these books are on my TBR and I tend to enjoy mostly fantasy it was interesting to find books because of a similarity in title. I do keep these posts about books I want to read rather than books I already have read, but I couldn’t help but list some of my favorite books with colors in the title: The Black Witch, Darling Rose Gold and Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Anyways, here are the Top 5 Books with Colorful Titles I Want to Read.

Jade City by Fonda LeeJade City by Fonda Lee

JADE CITY is a gripping Godfather-esque saga of intergenerational blood feuds, vicious politics, magic, and kungfu.

The Kaul family is one of two crime syndicates that control the island of Kekon. It’s the only place in the world that produces rare magical jade, which grants those with the right training and heritage superhuman abilities.
The Green Bone clans of honorable jade-wearing warriors once protected the island from foreign invasion–but nowadays, in a bustling post-war metropolis full of fast cars and foreign money, Green Bone families like the Kauls are primarily involved in commerce, construction, and the everyday upkeep of the districts under their protection.
When the simmering tension between the Kauls and their greatest rivals erupts into open violence in the streets, the outcome of this clan war will determine the fate of all Green Bones and the future of Kekon itself.

The main reason this book is on my TBR is just because of hype and reviews that I’ve seen. But when I was looking at books for this post I saw that people who read this book also enjoyed The Poppy War, which I absolutely freaking loved, so now I have to read it!

onyx and ivory by mindee arnettOnyx & Ivory by Mindee Arnett

Acclaimed author Mindee Arnett thrusts readers into a beautiful, dangerous, and magical world in this stunningly epic and romantic fantasy for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Sarah Raasch.

They call her Traitor Kate. It’s a title Kate Brighton inherited from her father after he tried to assassinate the high king of Rime.

Cast out of the nobility, Kate now works for the royal courier service. Only the most skilled ride for the Relay and only the fastest survive, for when night falls, the drakes—deadly flightless dragons—come out to hunt. Fortunately, Kate has a secret edge: She is a wilder, born with forbidden magic that allows her to influence the minds of animals.

And it’s this magic that leads her to a caravan massacred by drakes in broad daylight—the only survivor Corwin Tormaine, the son of the king. Her first love, the boy she swore to forget after he condemned her father to death.

With their paths once more entangled, Kate and Corwin must put the past behind them to face this new threat and an even darker menace stirring in the kingdom

I didn’t realize until making this post that I have several of Mindee Arnett’s books on my TBR. I wanted to read this book ever since seeing the cover, and the only reason I haven’t picked it up is because I’ve had difficulty getting a copy. This one sounds exactly like the type of fantasy that I love to read.

of silver and shadowOf Silver and Shadow by Jennifer Gruenke

Ren Kolins is a silver wielder—a dangerous thing to be in the kingdom of Erdis, where magic has been outlawed for a century. Ren is just trying to survive, sticking to a life of petty thievery, card games, and pit fighting to get by. But when a wealthy rebel leader discovers her secret, he offers her a fortune to join his revolution. The caveat: she won’t see a single coin until they overthrow the King.

Behind the castle walls, a brutal group of warriors known as the King’s Children is engaged in a competition: the first to find the rebel leader will be made King’s Fang, the right hand of the King of Erdis. And Adley Farre is hunting down the rebels one by one, torturing her way to Ren and the rebel leader, and the coveted King’s Fang title.

But time is running out for all of them, including the youngest Prince of Erdis, who finds himself pulled into the rebellion. Political tensions have reached a boiling point, and Ren and the rebels must take the throne before war breaks out.

I’m pretty sure I may have talked about this book at some point on my blog, but I still have yet to read it. I love books with thieves at the center of the book and I have heard that this is fast paced and filled with banter.

Seven Black Diamonds by Melissa MarrSeven Black Diamonds by Melissa Marr

Lilywhite Abernathy is a criminal. Her father’s “unconventional” business has meant a life of tightly held secrets, concealed weaponry, and a strict code. But Lily’s crime isn’t being the daughter of a powerful mob boss. Her guilt lies in the other half of her DNA—the part that can coax ancient rumors from stones and summon fire with a thought. Lily is part fae, which is a crime in her world.

From the time before she was born, a war has been raging between humanity and fae. The Queen of Blood and Rage, ruler of both the Seelie and Unseelie courts, wants to avenge the tragic death of her heir—a death that was the fault of reckless humans.

Lily’s father has shielded her from the repercussions of her ancestry…until she is sent to the prestigious St. Columba’s school, straight into the arms of the Black Diamonds.

Mysterious, glamorous, and bound together in their mission but constantly at odds, Zephyr, Creed, Will, Roan, Violet, and Alkamy are a Sleeper cell of fae, planted in the human world to help destroy it from within. With covers as rock stars and celebrity children, the Black Diamonds carry out the queen’s war against humanity. And unbeknownst to Lilywhite, she’s been chosen to join them.

Now more than ever, Lily’s heritage puts her in peril, and even the romantic attention of the fae singer Creed Morrison isn’t enough to keep Lily from wanting to run back to the safer world of organized crime.

Melissa Marr returns to faery in a dramatic story of the precarious space between two worlds and the people who must thrive there.

I don’t know why I haven’t read any Melissa Marr books because they’ve been on my TBR forever. This one looks great, the main character is the daughter of a mob boss and it is also about faeries! Ugh what have I been waiting for?

Red Sister by Mark LawrenceRed Sister by Mark Lawrence

I was born for killing – the gods made me to ruin.

At the Convent of Sweet Mercy young girls are raised to be killers. In a few the old bloods show, gifting talents rarely seen since the tribes beached their ships on Abeth. Sweet Mercy hones its novices’ skills to deadly effect: it takes ten years to educate a Red Sister in the ways of blade and fist.

But even the mistresses of sword and shadow don’t truly understand what they have purchased when Nona Grey is brought to their halls as a bloodstained child of eight, falsely accused of murder: guilty of worse.

Stolen from the shadow of the noose, Nona is sought by powerful enemies, and for good reason. Despite the security and isolation of the convent her secret and violent past will find her out. Beneath a dying sun that shines upon a crumbling empire, Nona Grey must come to terms with her demons and learn to become a deadly assassin if she is to survive…

Okay so this is a high fantasy that I’m dying to read, but I know that I need to be in the right mood for it. The ratings and reviews are really great, so I have high hopes, but I know that I’ve gotta wait until I’m in the mood for this one.


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Let’s Chat!

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? What are some of your favorite books with a color in the title? Do you enjoy topics like this? Make sure to comment below so we can chat about it all!


14 thoughts on “Top 5 Books with Colorful Titles I Want to Read

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    1. Omg The Poppy War is definitely one of my all time favorites. Those characters will always have a special place in my heart. Idk I just really loved that story!

      As for Jade City, I had heard lots of good things but I’m way more hype now that I’ve seen it compared to The Poppy War

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  1. I totally forgot that yesterday was Saturday so my post is going up today (very soon)! Oops 🤣 I actually have all of these on my TBR but my brain didn’t recall any of them except for Jade City (coz I was reading that recently)! Lol I love that cover of Onyx & Ivory (it’s gorgeous!) and I like this cover for Red Sister so much more than the cover I have 😂 Great post, Mandy! Hope you’re doing okay ❤

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    1. Lol all my days have been blending together so I totally get it. I think the cover of Onyx and Ivory is just so gorgeous. If I enjoy Nightmare Academy (which is by the same author) I will totally pick up a copy of Onyx and Ivory.

      Did you like Jade City? I think I might love it if I read it. Looks like a potential 5 star but also looks like the type of book i need to be in the right mood for


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