Bookending Winter!

Bookending Winter.png
Graphic from Fictionally Sam

Hi guys! I know a lot of you are participating in Blogmas… but have you heard of Bookending Winter? It’s brought to you by the same people who created Blogoween and is going to be a heckin’ lot of fun. November was not much fun without an event and tons of prompts to stalk, but no fear, BOOKENDING WINTER IS HERE!

Seriously guys, I’m so excited.

Besides the Bookending Winter prompts, there is also Tidyathon and a Christmas Readathon. Tidyathon is all about tidying up your blog and Goodreads and the Christmas Readathon is 12 reading challenges!

Now trust me, I know you want all the information because I don’t know about you, but Blogoween did wonders for my blog stats. Let’s not even mention the slump of stats that was November. AND IT’S CHRISTMAS AND IT’S FESTIVE!

Okay, okay, so here is the skinny!

The Twitter accounts of the co-creators and the Bookend event’s official page are all here: Bookend Events,   Clo, Sam, Amy.

Event specific hashtags are:

  • for bookending winter– #bkendingwin2018
  • for the readathon– #XmasReadathon


Are you ready for the festivities? They start TOMORROW!!


Let’s Chat!

Are you participating in Blogmas or Bookending Winter? Are you excited? Do you want to join? Are you a festive person? What do you enjoy most about this season?

10 thoughts on “Bookending Winter!

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  1. Wheeeee I can’t wait for this! And yes, Blogoween did do wonders for our stats phahaha, although I gotta say, it was semi stressful and intense. So hopefully this time around it’s less stressful but still as much fun…if not more!

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    1. It was semi intense, but also a lot of fun. I’m so excited for this. I’m a SUPER festive person so I love the idea. I had a record breaking month in October with all the posts and then felt a little down in November when I couldn’t match it. I can’t wait to start planning and doing some of the prompts. Thank you so much for organizing this!

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