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This topic is hosted by Kaleena @ Reader Voracious who is one of my favorite bloggers. This is OBVIOUSLY a topic that was difficult to choose books for. I LOVE fantasy and paranormal books, so I’ve read a billion books about witches. I expect a lot of lists to be filled with Harry Potter books, but I’m actually not going to include any Harry Potter, not because it doesn’t make my Top 5, but because I want to show you guys some books that you probably have never heard of that are amazing.

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Top 5 Books About Witches That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.


Ruthless Magic is a book that I got off of Netgalley a few months ago. I really enjoyed the depiction of witchcraft in this book. I read the prequel to this book and I joined the author’s ARC team so I can read the sequel in November.


Trials of Magic is a book that I discovered on Instafreebie and I loved it so much. This is a hidden gem and the rest of this series is on my wish list. (If you want to read Trials of Magic then follow this link, it’s still free.)


Witch on Parole is a book that I received via Netgalley and absolutely loved. Somehow it only has 4 reviews and 5 ratings on Goodreads, so I KNOW that you’ve probably never heard of this one. I loved it so much and can’t believe that this book is getting NO attention.


Spell Book & Scandal has some good world building, sibling rivalry and romance all in one book. It is well paced and kept me on the edge of my seat with a gripping plot. This book is definitely a hidden gem in the genre.


Pink Lock Picks and Sequined Witch Hats is a really light and fluffy book about witches. This is probably more for the people who like contemporary romances and fluffy books. I found this read to be really cute and kind of funny. For a fluffy book about witches, I would suggest this book.


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  1. No, you’re right, I haven’t heard any of these. I like your pumpkin scene. I love pumpkins. just fyi demonic and spiritual are not mutually exclusive lol. They are sorta the same because demons are spiritual beings. I hope I understood what you meant. demonic=bad, spiritual = good (?) Is that what you meant? Anyway…


    1. I guess. I was just kind of wondering what they thought of her and you kinda answered that. I would like to think that not all witches are bad if they do exist. And I would love to take credit for the photo, but it was a free picture from Unsplash. You should check out some of these books, especially Trials of Magic, which is for free to download.


  2. Loving the twist on this prompt and the second book… (I can’t remember the title cause what is my brain at this point) but I love the cover…it has me mesmerised xD

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